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Safety Planning

If you have a protective order:

  • Keep your protective order (PO) with you at all times. Inform friends, family, neighbors, daycare, school, and employers of this order.
  • Call law enforcement to enforce a PO when needed and ensure that you have evidence or witnesses whenever possible. Use a violation log to keep track.
  • Tell the child's school and/or child care provider who has permission to pick up the children and the action to take if the abuser or an unapproved person arrives.
  • Inform neighbors/family/friends/co-workers/employers that you have filed a PO and what actions they should take if the abuser is seen near you or the children.
  • Be prepared to obtain needed legal counsel as soon as possible. Look for someone who has experience with family violence cases.

No matter if you have a PO or not:

  • Change work hours if possible and the route normally taken to get to and from work. Change the route to schools and drop-off/pick-up locations if necessary.
  • Take photos to document the abuse for your records. Use detail and make sure proper identification can be made in any pictures (known belongings, physical attributes/marking, or face can be seen.) These can be used as evidence in court.
  • If staying at your residence you can change locks, install security system(s), make sure smoke detectors are working, and upgrade/install outside lighting.
  • Screen your calls at work and at home through caller ID or answering machines/services.
  • Avoid stores, banks and other places frequented by your abuser.
  • Teach children who should have contact with them and what to do if ANY unwanted/unknown person arrives. Teach your children to dial 911.
  • Consider renting a post office box instead of using a residential delivery.
  • Be aware of addresses put on POs, police reports, divorce documents, or any paper that the abuser may receive or have knowledge of.
  • Ensure your car is always locked and all personal items have been removed every night. Also, park in a well-lighted and easily accessed area.
  • Save any threatening emails, voicemail messages, and/or text messages to use as evidence in court.
  • Avoid/minimize contact with family/friends that are known by the abuser. Contact with you may place them in danger or cause additional hardship to you.
  • Be aware of technology and social networking sites that the abuser can use to follow or track your movements, such as GPS, phone cloning, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Do not respond to text/voicemail or email messages if you have a PO.
  • Form a supportive network of counselors, church groups, community organizations and family/friends that can encourage you and support you during the separation and healing process.
  • Review your safety plan frequently and make necessary changes.