ONE FIRE has a mission to empower victims seeking our help, with the tools they need to rebuild their lives and become the strong individuals they were created to be; to effect social change through outreach and education in order to put an end to inter-generational violence; and to partner with state, county, and tribal courts & law enforcement to hold abusers accountable for their crimes.

ONE FIRE is a victim services program is federally funded and receives grants from Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). While we are a Cherokee Nation program, we do not and cannot discriminate because we are federally funded. This means we are able to help victims of any race and any gender who may qualify for our program.

ONE FIRE is available to provide services to qualifying individuals who reside within the 14 county Cherokee Nation Jurisdiction for both Tribal and State cases.

Cherokee Nation Jurisdiction Map

14-County Jurisdiction Chart